So you want to start lifting weights. You will be starting a healthy hobby that will serve you well all of your life. We will look at weight lifting in a home gym versus going to a gym. We will look at using free weights versus machines, and last we will look at good weight lifting tips for the beginner’s routine.

Lifting weights to just get toned back up or to build some serious muscle can be done at home, or you can join a gym. Both have their good points and bad points. Lifting at home will save you the travel time and coast of a gym membership. Joining a gym does coast money, but you do not have to buy any equipment for your home then.

As far as equipment goes for lifting weights, free weights are the only way to go. So even if you join a gym, join one that has plenty of free weights. Machines are built for the average sized person. Unless you are average, the machine can cause you more harm than good. You will be loading up your joints that may be positioned in the wrong place when lifting with a machine that is not built for your body size. This could give you joint problems.

If you want to make a home gym, buy used weights. Just do a search in any newspaper or even on line. You can get some very good buys. If you do find a used machine, make sure that it is a cable machine. This is the only type machine that you want to use. They are just about the same as lifting with free weights. Always stay away from any hinged type machines.

Once you get your equipment or your gym membership, you need to get educated in weight training. You will want to get a weight-training manual from one of the pros that have won some titles. You cannot go wrong with Arnold Schwarzenegger or Bill Pear’s books. These guys wrote the manuals that have made most every one after them.

The biggest mistakes that most beginner’s make are, bad lifting form and over training. This will get you hurt before you ever really get started. It could even turn you against a hobby that can keep you young for the rest of your life.

Take the time to learn the right way to lift for any given exercise. Even if you hire a personal trainer, take the time to read and study a good manual. You never know if you hired a good trainer or not. Plus your trainer will not be there 100 percent of the time.

You will want to start out slow too. You do not want to get your equipment together or go to the gym and spend the next 3 hours lifting weights. You will not be able to move the next day. You will do yourself more harm this way also. Being sore and lifting weights do go hand in hand, but you must go at it slow to begin with.

To start out with, you will want to work just 3 main muscle groups. By doing this, you will get a feel for the weights and get just a taste of what it is like to get sore from the break down of your muscles. This break down is what causes you to build bigger muscles.

Work just your chest, back and legs to begin with. You can pick 2 of your exercises from you manual on each muscle group and do just one set each. Do this 3 times a week with a rest day between workouts. Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays worked well for me to start with. This will give you 2 days of rest on the weekend. Once you get use to this, you can add and change your routine to the level that you want to work out to next.

Build up slowly, you can even change your routine to be lifting 5 days a week. But it is best to start out slowly and work your way into it. Go at it slow and always use good form over more weight. The best weight lifting tip, perfect form and never too much weight will keep you from injury and keep you lifting weights.