In 1939, Duke medical researcher Walter Kempner developed his rice diet program for patients with kidney disease based on his observations that cultures that consumed rice as a main staple had fewer problems related to obesity like hypertension, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Many years later, Kitty Gurkin Rosati, a registered dietician along with her husband Robert Rosati, a cardiologist, developed the Rice Diet Solution which is based on Kempner’s diet program but adapted so you can follow the plan at home.

Follow the Rice Diet solution

Instead of a grueling 2 to 4 week boot camp at their clinic in Durham, North Carolina, you can follow their strict diet program from the comfort of your own home. The only traveling you will need to do is to the market to stock up on rice and about 30 other different foods. Expect to lose 20 to 30 pounds during the first month of the diet with 2 ½ to 3 ½ pounds per week thereafter.

The rice diet has a very strict approach to weight loss; it severely limits salt intake along with sugar, fat, protein and processed foods along with calories. The Rosatis state that restricting your sodium will help control your appetite resulting in weight loss. Following the Rice Diet Solution will detox your body and prevent or reverse chronic disease.

How Do I Follow It?

The Rice Diet Solution program consists of 3 phases. During each phase you will slowly add more foods and calories back into your daily menu. The main foods allowed on this plan are: whole grain starches, low-sodium beans, fruits, vegetables, nonfat dairy and very lean protein sources.

The authors recommend that you supplement with a daily multivitamin.

Phase One lasts for 1 week. During this phase you will follow the Basic Rice Diet for one day and the Lacto-Vegetarian Rice Diet for the other six days.

Phase Two of the program is 1 week long and consists of one day following the Basic Rice diet, 5 days of the Lacto Vegetarian Rice Diet and 1 day of Vegetarian Plus Rice Diet.

Phase Three is the maintenance phase. It is built upon phase two by adding another Vegetarian Plus Rice Diet day and subtracting a Lacto Vegetarian Rice Diet day.

You will be adding 200 calories per day every week until you stop losing weight.

Basic Rice Diet: Consists of two starches and two fruits for every meal at 800 calories per day and only 50 mg of sodium.

Lacto-Vegetarian Rice Diet: For breakfast you have one starch, one fruit and one nonfat dairy. For Lunch and dinner you consume three starches, three vegetables and one fruit. On these days you are getting 300mg of sodium and 1,000 calories per day.

Vegetarian Plus Rice Diet: For breakfast you eat two starches and one fruit. Lunch consists of three starches, three vegetables and one fruit. And dinner has three starches, three proteins (or two nonfat dairy), 3 vegetables and one fruit. During this type of day you will be ingesting 1,200 calories and 300 mg of sodium.

Rosati wrote a supplementary Rice Diet Cookbook offering 150 easy recipes such as:

  • Two-Pea & Asparagus Stir-Fry
  • Roasted Artichokes Alla Rosati
  • Jerk Fingerling Potatoes
  • Lentils with Prunes
  • Salmon with Summer Salsa
  • Roasted Red Pepper Lettuce Wrap
  • Chocolate Banana Crème Custard

Reducing stress is another component of the Rice Diet Solution while maintaining a balanced lifestyle. The authors recommend activities like Yoga, Tai Chi and meditation along with being physical active and keeping a food journal.


Minimizing sodium and fat especially saturated fat is good prevention for a host of diseases and conditions.The high fiber content of the diet will help cleanse your digestive tract and keep you full.

Weekly menus, tips and advice such as mindful eating, are offered throughout the book along with plenty of recipes.


The amount of weight you lose during the first month will predominately be coming from water weight because of the severe restriction in both calories and sodium.

Dehydration can occur, resulting in headaches, light-headedness and fatigue.

Salt does not suppress your appetite; there are other factors involved with appetite suppression.

This diet lacks in the protein department with only 16 to 20 grams of protein per day and can lead to muscle wasting away. The Dietary Reference Intake recommendation is a minimum of 46 to 56 grams of protein per day.

Falling below 1,200 calories a day can make it extremely difficult for your body to obtain adequate nourishment and essential nutrients.

Does “The Rice Diet Solution” Work?

Following this dietary program is best as a weight loss jumpstart, but not for the long run. Make sure you get adequate levels of healthy fats and enough protein on a daily basis. This program is not recommended for anyone who has had a colon resection or impaired kidney function.

Where To Buy “The Rice Diet Solution”?

Kitty Gurkin Rosati has written several books promoting The Rice Diet Solution. Each book in the series can be purchased online new or used. Click on the titles to get the best deal on these products.