Burning unwanted and excess fat is now become a concern for almost everyone and people are in search of effective mechanism to achieve the same. They have also started investing loads of their hard earned money is buying costly equipments with intentions to cut down their fat. But are they aware of the naturally available plants that help them burn their fat? The answer from most of them is a no. So here is a quick brief of the naturally available fat-buster plants that can play a significant role is shaping your body by removing the unwanted fat. To make it crisper we shall limit out discussion to the top 5 Fat-Buster plants that you may use to reduce your fat.

Canadian research has now identified the fat-burning important molecule in grapefruit and says a glass of grapefruit juice in the morning could help people in losing weight. Other research scientists from Holland have also discovered weight losing properties in green tea and red pepper.  Speaking about this professor Margriet of Maastricht University also said that they have identified plant molecules that can reduce appetite by speeding up the metabolism process.

So here go the top five Fat-buster plants.


The first position in this list is held by grapefruit. The fruit has a flavonoid named Naringenin that has the property to balance blood sugar level and thus it helps in preventing the metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is the main cause of weight gain around the waist. A team of scientists at Western Ontario University have found this work by artificially programming liver to burn excess of fat rather than to store it. The study at the University of California also reported that drinking grapefruit juice regularly before each meal helped obese persons lose 31/2 – 10lb over a time span of three months.

So a general tip to all those who are trying to shed down fat is to start your daily diet with a glass of grapefruit juice. But you got to check with your doctor in case you are taking warfarin or strains as grapefruit juice can at times interfere with these medications.

Green Tea

Second in the list comes the green tea. According to a research in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition this green tea as the power to speed up the rate at which the body burns the cellular energy by almost forty percent. This plant also helps in burning fat at a faster pace. This effect is due to the presence of the caffeine and flavonoids in the tea say researchers. So drinking two or three cups of green tea may help you keep the metabolism rate in right gear.

Chilli Pepper

Chilli pepper is in this list due to the presence of heat producing molecule, Capsaicin that helps in heat production and also speeding up metabolism process. It has also been proved by research studies that cells in our body can burn around 25% more calories after you eat chilli pepper. The trials performed at the Maastricht University have also found that chilli peppers have the power to reduce one’s appetite by prolonging the general feeling of fullness and also by suppressing hunger. Adding some chilli pepper to salads or to the starters can be a great idea if you are concerned about fat reduction.


A interesting study published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition have found out that when people were given rice pudding with some three grams of cinnamon, these people produced less insulin.  This in turn means less weight gains because insulin is the hormone that performs the job of turning excess sugar into body fat. Cinnamon also slows down the emptying of stomach which means you can feel fuller for a longer time.

Sprinkling cinnamon on your cappuccino or morning cereal can help you balance out your blood sugar levels.

Coconut Oil

It is a proven fact that people lose weight considerably when they replace their cooking oil with healthier coconut oil days Cherie Calbom, Chief author of The Coconut Diet. It is also to be known that coconut fat carries only fewer calories than other kinds of fats. Coconut fat only produces 6.8 calories unlike other fats that produce more than 9 calories per gram. These fats in coconut oil are like carbohydrates and thus help to produce instant energy. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition also states that our body easily digests coconut oil than other kinds of fats and it converts them to energy more easily. Replacing your cooking oil with pure coconut oil is the wise step forward in reducing or burning fat.