The Paleo Diet – Paleolithic diet, caveman diet, hunter-gatherer diet or Stone Age diet, – is the popular diet of today, which is eating foods that a pre-historic would eat so whenever individuals ask you “What is the Paleo Diet?” think of the word Paleo from the Paleolithic period what cavemen eat.

Cave dwellers do not eat bags of hotdogs, crisps, or candy. This means that all of the prepared foods, and most prepared dairy products, grain, nuts, oils, and sugars are recommended out of the menu for the Paleo Diet.

It is safe or unsafe; let us view its advantages and disadvantages


  1. Strictly hunted and gathered foods

One of the main benefits of the diet plan is that it only comprised foods that people could search and collect. Therefore, foods for example grain and the majority of starches are not in the Paleo Diet. Cavern residents did not spend their days looking for gathering Twinkies or frozen pizzas,

  1. Weight loss

The people who maintain a Paleo Diet can take advantages of weight loss. Carbohydrate foods include foods for example fruits, vegetables, bread, pasta, rice, and grain, to reduce the amount of insulin in your entire body, your bodies blood sugar level decreases. That allows your entire body to break down fat, in its place of storing it.

  1. Lack of foods byproducts

Furthermore, the byproducts from various foods sources, such as glucose from glucose cane, would not be allowed in a Paleo Diet. Many of these byproducts are unhealthy and can create numerous annoying results. This is on the whole true of prepackaged foods and recently prepared foods, which often contain a Frankenstein list of man made ingredients.


  1. Unbalanced diet

The main disadvantage of the Paleo diet, it has small foods varieties. That means that individuals following the diet plan have a nutritional deficiency of foods for example carbohydrates and soluble fiber. The study shows that non-saturated oils and grain in one’s diet have a habit of producing better results than the Paleo Diet does overall.

  1. Great soaked fats consumption

The other drawback of the Paleo diet is that it tends to be rich in soaked fats. That is due to the large quantities of protein that such diets are comprised. This would be an asset for cave dwellers, who spent the majority of their day searching for foods. However, it can create a major problem nowadays, since we typically spend most of our days seated. These days, we take more time looking for information, than looking for foods.

  1. New eating habits

While many of us have absorbed sensible foods, most of us have not exclusively absorbed cave dwellers’ foods. Therefore, it can be very difficult for you to adjust yourself with the Paleo Diet for most of the people.

The Paleo Diet adores the diet plan of pre-historic people even though discouragement the value of a contemporary “well-balanced” diet. Although, some health experts fully support the diet plan, others believe that it is simply a new nutritional fad plan with an old history.