The military diet is a calorie control system. When you cut you calories and gain an energy shortage, your whole body burns the fats as a fuel, and you get slimmer. So will you be able to get slimmer on the Military Diet? The answer is yes. However, you put the load back on when this method is complete.

Here is what you need to know before you try the program:

This is NOT a three-day diet.

The program needs you to limit your diet all time. The website claims that you have three days “on” and four days “off,” program but on your off days you are limited to 1,500 calories. Sensible foods recommendations are offered for your off days.

However, not anyone can eat in good health portion-controlled foods needs a special ice cream and hot dog program to loss their weight. They should stick to in good health diet they are already.

Suggested foods may cause additional weight.

Even if you reduce a few pounds initially, you may end up gaining excess fat later. What is the reason? The Military Diet guides you to eat foods that can cause additional weight later such as ice cream and hot dogs.

The proton control is strongly encouraged, but most of us get lazy about measuring foods portions after some time. Eating too much ice cream or too many hot dogs is not just the unhealthy but it can cause additional weight in the end easily.

The Military Diet is simply counting calories in disguise.

The Military Diet is not a different from any other diet plan that needs you to depend calories to get slimmer. On your three days “on” the calories are counted for you, but only if you eat the strange combination of foods.

If you supernumerary, any foods on your three days “on,” you need to measure your foods and count the calories. On your four days “off” you need to keep a foods log and count the calories.

Natural diet Claims are doubtful.

The site claims that it is the best diet plans. They indorse that the dieters prevent sugar substitutes because they “aren’t good for you.” Then the website goes on to include foods like crackers and hot dogs in the daily diet plans. These foods are heavily processed, and thy contain ingredients that have been associated with heart disease and a high risk of cancer.

There are better versions of sporadic going on a fast. Recently, the Military Diet began offered scientific evidence to back up their system. The problem is that the technology is about other diet plans, not about this 3-day program.

What about water weight?

The website claims that when the dieters drop weight on a diet, it “is not just water weight.” However, there is no further certification provided to support that statement. I am not sure why the dieters would believe that claim without important proof to verify or else.

Generally, when you lose the weight quickly—it is water weight in your body.