When it comes to losing weight most of us think that we’d be alright if we could just eat few calories and burn more calories. Sounds like the easiest thing in the world to do, which is why Lipodrene-SR diet pill claims it can do just that.

Lipodrene-SR review

It’s no secret what the key to weight loss success is and the makers of this diet supplement have created a pill they claim can help you do exactly what you have been unable to do this far, to lose weight. The theory behind this supplement is that you can reach your weight loss goals by suppressing your hunger and increasing your metabolism for greater fat burning.

Sounds good, right? So let’s find out how Lipodrene-SR can help you lose weight.

How Do I Follow It?

Following the Lipodrene regimen is pretty simple; all you have to do is take 2 tablets each day. During the first week you should take 1 supplement an hour after breakfast and another an hour after lunch. If you don’t experience any adverse side effects then you may increase your dosage to 2 pills, never consuming more than 4 pills each day.

The makers of this supplement, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals claim that their product should start working within 30 minutes of consumption. You will feel your energy level increase and that can last for up to 6 hours.


  • Ephedra free so it is much safer
  • Inexpensive for most dieters
  • May suppress appetite to you consumer fewer calories
  • Contains green tea which has been linked to weight loss benefits


  • No money back guarantee
  • May cause nervousness and anxiety for those with caffeine sensitivity
  • Heart attack and stroke are possible on this pill
  • Dieters can’t drink while on Lipodrene-SR
  • No structured diet or exercise plan endorsed

Does “Lipodrene-SR” Work?

There are some areas in which Lipodrene-SR may help you achieve your weight loss goals, but this supplement alone will not help. The appetite suppressant properties of this diet pill will very likely help you consumer fewer calories so that you eat less. Eating fewer calories will put you closer to creating a calorie deficit for weight loss.

However the metabolic increase these pills cause is minimal compared to what you need to burn calories for weight loss. To burn fat and increase your energy you will need an active lifestyle that includes regular exercise and frequent physical activity. Any pill that promises you can lose weight without physical activity is either a starvation diet or misleading you.

Knowing what we know about how to lose weight, it is unlikely that Lipodrene-SR will help you in your fight against fat.

Where To Buy “Lipodrene-SR”?

Lipodrene-SR is a non-prescription strength weight loss supplement which means you can find it pretty much anywhere diet pills are sold. However if you want to skip the search and simply buy them today, click here: Ship Lipodrene-SR today!