First established in 1989, The LA Weight Loss Diet featured centers for participants to join. Over the years many centers have closed up shop and the ones left standing are franchises. Now there is online support and access to menu plans and products.

The LA Weight Loss Diet program is based on Transmetabolic Factor so that your body is able to continuously burn calories throughout the day while increasing your energy levels and controlling your appetite. The Transmetabolic Factor occurs by itself when you balance your meals of protein, carbohydrates and fats, exercise control with your portion sizes, and proper timing of your meals (no skipping breakfast!).

How Do I Follow It?

The LA Weight Loss diet consists of five steps. The first step in the program is a 2-day kick start where you consume LA Weight Loss Takeoff Juice for two days straight. This step preps your body for weight loss and gets you motivated.

Step two is the LA Rapid Results Diet System which you follow until you hit your goal weight or lose 20 pounds, whichever comes first. LA Weight Loss Diet offers six different menu plan diaries for you to choose from based on your weight loss needs. You will be eating six times per day which includes four structured meals and two snacks of LA Lites bars. Your specific menu plan diary will indicate the exact number of servings you should eat daily in each of the nine food categories to achieve your best results. Those nine food categories are: proteins, fats, starches, vegetables, fruits and dairy, beverages, extras along with the LA Lites bars.

After losing 20 pounds you will move onto step three called LA My Way Food Guide where you get to use an expanded food list and continue to lose weight until you hit your goal. You are able to continue with step two if you like until you reach your goal weight as well.

During step four you will eat two LA Lite bars everyday to help control cravings and any temptations you may have. They add convenience for busy people; just toss in your bag and go!

Adding supplementation is step five. LA Weight Loss believes that adding nutritional supplements promotes good health and keeps weight off. Supplements include MetaBoost 6, VitaBoost 12, and MaxaTrim.

Lastly, exercise is recommended three times per week. Online support is available to you if you need help on your weight loss journey.


LA Weight Loss utilizes the national recommendations for a nutritionally balanced diet program with customized meal plans.

There are no foods that are off-limits and no counting calories while following their simple step by step program.

One-on-one support is offered including weight loss success stories, ten rules for rapid weight loss, and recommendations for dining out along with other tips.


This is not a medically supervised weight loss program.

The online support staff are not registered dietitians.

This diet program can get quite expensive for product and supplement purchases.

You have to purchase the food products in order to receive the other components of the program.

It does not offer a detailed exercise plan; you are basically on your own in that department.

Does “The LA Weight Loss Diet” Work?

Skip the expensive bars and supplements and focus on a well rounded diet that includes lean protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats.

Where To Buy “The LA Weight Loss Diet”?

To purchase LA Weight Loss Diet products you must join one of the live centers or online support centers.

Costs can vary greatly depending on how much weight you need to lose, what products you purchase and what shipping method your use (auto-ship or single month program). A single purchase of the LA Rapid Results Diet System which includes 8 boxes of LA Lite Bars, 2 bottles of LA TakeOFF Juice,1 Menu Plan Diary, and LA Right Portions Plate goes for $299.99 plus shipping costs. If you choose the Auto-Ship Monthly option it will cost less.

One box of LA Lite Bars can range from $13.75 to $15.60 a piece. Other costs include LA TakeOFF Juice for $49.99, LA SlimDown for $79.99, LA PlateauBreaker for $69.99, LA MaxaTrim for $39.99, and LA SmartTrim for $89.99.