If you’ve recently started a keto diet and have begun to notice an oddly fruity taste in your mouth that lingers even after repeated gargling, let me first say “Congratulations!”. The keto breath is one of the greatest indicators that your diet is working, and you’re burning off all that unwanted fat.

That being said, keto breath is still unpleasant, and you do want to be rid of it, of which the best solution seems to be chewing some breath-freshening gum. But would any standard chewing gum work or is there some specific kind you need to look out for? Read on.

The kind of gums to avoid

While they appear effective on the surface level, regular mint chewing gums are not the solution to keto breath. This is because these gums usually contain a fair amount of sugar and given the number of strips you’d be going through a day to keep your breath fresh, you’d be disrupting your diet and undoing all of your hard work. So regular gum is a big NO-NO.

Well, how about sugar-free gums then? No sugar = no worries, right? True, but you need to be mindful of the artificial sweetener being used in these gums, specifically if it’s the go-to artificial sweetener “Aspartame.” This compound has been highly debated as the cause of a myriad of health issues when consumed in large doses, and as long as there is some stigma around this chemical, it’s best to avoid it entirely.

So, what kind of sugar-free gums am I looking for?

The kind of gums you want to actively look for

Barring Aspartame, there are quite a few other artificial sweeteners that are safe for consumption. Of these, the one you need to actively search for is Xylitol (not that it’d be hard to find, considering how widely available and popular with mint-flavored gums the compound is). Xylitol lacks all the potentially hazardous qualities of Aspartame, along with a few properties that make it great for oral hygiene.

However, if the taste doesn’t appeal to you, you can opt for any other sugar-free gum (again, so long as it doesn’t have Aspartame in it), or even look around for some gum that has been created specifically to counter keto breath, or keto-friendly gum as it is commonly referred to as.


It is important to remember that your keto breath is a good sign. All you need is some gum to keep it under control, and you’re good to go. That’s all there is to it.