Have you ever woken up only to be disappointed by how you look in the mirror? Perhaps a certain outfit caught your eye while window shopping, only for you not to buy it because you thought it would not look good with your physique. While we should all rise above the obnoxious undertones of fat shaming, it is equally true that we as humans need to take care of our bodies as well.

Losing a lot of weight or getting “ripped” is a satisfying experience and journey for those who have been there, and there are numerous success stories to back it up. However, if living a healthy lifestyle were so easy, nearly everyone would have adopted it by now.

The reality is that to attain something; we require the proper conviction to do so. With that said, willpower is not the only thing you will need as there are many measures you can take to get fitter, with some not vital but certainly catalysts to your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Eat Leaner. Eat Smarter

You might be thinking to get a good physique one might need to go through literal hell in terms of physical exercise. Exercise helps, but the reality is that eating foods that consume fewer calories make you lose weight faster. The way the body works is that you have a daily calorie intake and outtake, and if you burn more calories than you consume, you lose weight. So a ridiculous amount of exertion that might as well kill you is not needed, just low-calorie foods. Foods to look out for are oats, berries, fish nuts, etc.

Improve your Metabolism

Again, vigorous exercise is cool and all, but you need to do it smartly. Speeding up the process of burning calories can be done by exercises that up your metabolism. Routines that are good for you are cardiorespiratory training and resistance training. Each cardio session should be designed to burn fat not only throughout the exercise but throughout the day and sleep as well, by speeding up the metabolism. It is better to work out in short bursts to avoid fatigue.

Get a Group or Personal Training

Sometimes the real motivation we need has others around us doing the same routine. You can either join a fitness club that has group training or hire private personal trainers. The advantages of personal trainers include getting a personalized regime as well as having direct interaction with a pro who can get you up to speed with the best methods.