It’s not without reason that the HCG diet plan is the popular choice for many people trying to get rid of excess body weight. This is an effective diet that can bring about the results if followed properly. But if you slip up, your weight loss goals can suffer. To get the most out of this diet, you have to be careful about limiting the mistakes and remaining on track as much as possible. Mentioned below are a few common mistakes to avoid while on the HCG diet.

Not loading up properly during the loading phase

The loading phase marks the beginning of the HCG diet. It is the stage where you need to consume high-calorie, high-fat food for two days. This is where many dieters make a mistake of not loading enough or skimping on the fatty food. The loading days are crucial for your diet to be successful. So, avoid skipping this step. Rather, indulge yourself by having all kinds of fatty delights before you get on with the next stage of the diet.

Having food items not approved for this diet

As far as the HCG diet is concerned, it has a strict list of approved foods that you are allowed to eat while you are on the diet. If you want your weight loss endeavors to bear results through this diet plan, you must eat only the approved foods. In case you do not like a particular food recommended in this diet, you just can’t go and replace it with something else that is not on the list. Even if your selected food item is a low-calorie one, avoid having it unless it’s there on the approved food list.

Not sticking to the recommended food portions

The HCG diet is a low-fat, low-calorie diet. You need to follow the protocol not just for the approved food items but for the recommended food portions as well. It’s important to follow the precise portion sizes for every meal to increase your metabolism. Messing up with the portion sizes is a big no-no on this diet. Also, you must not indulge in making replacements such as increasing your protein intake while reducing your vegetable serving, even if you end up not exceeding the total calorie intake set for each day.  Such replacements can interfere with your body’s ability to metabolize fat at the expected rate while you follow this diet.

Eating canned fruits or vegetables

Having canned fruits or vegetables is something that you mustn’t indulge in when on the HCG diet. It’s a known fact that most canned fruits and vegetables have preservatives added to them. Moreover, canned fruits often come laden with added sugar. Canned vegetables are known to be high in sodium. Having such products can interfere with your HCG hormone levels and create difficulties in your weight loss endeavors. Instead of depending on such canned items, opt for fresh fruits and vegetables.

Missing out on taking the hormone daily

Don’t forget to take the HCG hormone regularly. Be aware that the hormone is a fundamental part of this diet. By taking it on a regular basis, you can ensure that the diet works for you. If you skip taking the hormone for a single day, it may seem to be a minor matter to you. But this can impact the effectiveness of your diet. Proper increase in HCG levels by week is the key to the overall success of this diet. So, be sure to stick to your hormone taking schedule.

Exercising while on the diet

Exercising while you are on HCG diet is something that is not really recommended. You might be surprised to hear this, but it’s true. The main reason is that the HCG diet strictly limits your calorie intake. If you exercise during this period, you may end up eating more calories than the maximum amount allowed on this diet. This can cause your diet to be less effective than expected. On top of that, when you exercise on a low-calorie diet, you risk suffering from a lot of unwanted health conditions such as dehydration, fatigue, low levels of blood sugar, etc.

Drinking beverages not allowed on this diet

When you are on this diet, the only beverages you are allowed to drink are tea and coffee, apart from the ever-dependable water. Be sure to avoid any type of drink that has calories in it. Even artificially sweetened drinks are to be avoided on this diet. Else, your weight loss goals may suffer much. So, if you are in love with soda, juices, or any other sweetened drink, you will have to forget about them completely. It’s important to be careful about this beverage intake rule as drinks with calories can easily cause you to gain weight and make your weight loss objectives go for a toss.

Avoiding drinking enough water

Drinking enough water is essential if you want to make a success of this diet. Not keeping your body hydrated is not a great thing to do while you are on the HCG diet. It’s essential to drink water because it enables your body to break down the fat and help you to lose it fast. When you don’t drink enough water, you can actually slow down the rate of your weight loss.

Using the wrong spices in your food

Sometimes even the smallest mistakes can cause you a lot of heartburn when you are on this diet. Something as simple as the spices you use to flavor up your food can become the cause of your diet plan debacle. Yes, you have to be careful with the use of spices as well. The HCG diet allows you to use a few spices like salt, pepper, mustard powder, vinegar, and some other natural spices like ginger, garlic, basil, parsley, etc. But be careful to avoid using any type of seasoning mixes. Such mixes are known to contain sugar and excessive salt. So, having them is definitely not allowed.