Unlike many weight loss pills on the market, Fastin is a prescription strength fat loss supplement intended for those who are extremely overweight or obese. Specifically this product is meant for those who have been unable to lose weight through traditional measures such as diet and exercise.

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This diet supplement is not meant for those who simply need to lose a few pounds, it is meant to be part of a treatment plan for obesity. Despite this fact, there are many manufacturers who make over the counter versions of Fastin in non-prescription strength.

Some of the ingredients found in this product are ones that many dieters may be familiar with, including yohimbine HCL and caffeine. Other ingredients in this supplement are phenylethylamine HCL and theobromine anhydrous.

How Do I Follow It?

Following a regimen of Fastin isn’t simple but it isn’t difficult either. In addition to taking the supplement once each day, about an hour before you eat breakfast you should also take part in a calorie controlled balanced diet and regular exercise. It is recommended that you consume between 1,200 and 1,500 calories per day, however you should speak with your physician to determine the calorie count that is best to help you lose weight and maintain an acceptable energy level throughout the day.

Because this supplement contains stimulants you should not take it before bed or with any other stimulants such as coffee, energy drinks, soda or any other products that contain stimulants. You should also avoid alcohol while taking Fastin as it too is a stimulant.

Taking the pill each is the easy part of the regimen but the difficult part is maintaining a healthy diet and being physically active when your Fastin regimen has ended.


  • Diet & exercise heavily endorsed with this supplement
  • Good way to start a weight loss program
  • Criticism


Does “Fastin” Work?

Fastin may very well work for weight loss when combined with a calorie controlled diet and regular exercise. These 2 components are essential to any healthy weight loss program, however many of the side effects of this product mean that you may experience much more than weight loss.

Since Fastin is not recommended for anyone who many be suffering from a variety of weight related illnesses, it is unlikely that many very overweight or obese individuals will be using it. Likewise if you are taking medications for treatment of high blood pressure, artery hardening, heart disease or malfunctioning thyroid problems then those medications may not work with this product.

If you decide to use this product to help you to get your weight loss under control, you should make sure that you see your physician and work on a detailed weight loss plan that will make it easier for you to stop taking this product after a few weeks.

Where To Buy “Fastin”?

If you are truly serious about losing weight and improving your health and you think Fastin can help you start, you should talk to your doctor about prescription strength Fastin. If however you’re curious to see if it can work for you there are many over the counter versions available to you.