Detox diet is meant for removing the dietary and environmental toxins from the body which eventually results in good health. The diet is often followed by people who want to lose weight, because this is a low-calorie diet that actually helps in pruning the extra pounds quickly.

What are the toxins in the body

Detoxification is the natural process in our body which works towards eliminating or neutralizing the toxins from the body. Detox is the short for the detoxification. Toxins are all those elements which are harmful to the organs and tissues. In the process of detox these are converted into less-harmful elements chemically and excreted out of the body in the form of urine, stool or sweat. However, some of the toxins are produced in our body during normal metabolism. For instance when there is breakdown of proteins, ammonia is produced which is further broken down to urea and uric acid. But there are some toxins that enter our body when we inhale or ingest things such as household cleaners, cigarette smoke, pesticides, pollution, drugs, and heavy metals including lead, zinc, mercury, etc.

How does a Detox diet work?

There are several detox diet plans and the detox diets which include drinking special drinks to consuming some herbal pills. Most of the detox diets call you to stay away from foods including high-calorie sweets, high carbs and proteins for a certain period of say 1 to 10 days. Once the body is cleansed off the toxins, these elements can be added back gradually.

The detox diet lays its main emphasis on drinking more and eating on less. The principle behind is fluids help to flush the toxins off the body and eventually help get rid of the extra pounds.

Foods to eat and not to eat in the Detox diet

The detox diet involves restricting those foods which could add to the already present toxins in body. These foods include dairy products, sugars, meats, and certain types of grains, alcohol and caffeine.

There are several detox diets which are popular among the dieters. Each of them includes and excludes certain types of foods.

In brief the different types of the Detox diets:

The raw food diet: During this diet, dieters are recommended to include high composition of raw foods which will be unprocessed, fresh and the plant-based foods. In a raw food diet 75% of what you eat will be just the raw food and it is believed that enzymes stay intact in the raw and uncooked food. Vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds form this type of this diet.

Liquid diet and juice fasting detox diet: This is a very strict and extremely low-calorie diet as most part of the diet is just the water. It involves drinking vegetable and fruit juices alone for each meal. Practitioners of the detox diet say that the diet flushes out toxins pretty much quickly and also results in quicker weight loss action.

Diuretic diet: This is a diet for those people with heart, liver or kidney disorders. It helps release the body fluid. The diet includes eating foods which stimulate release of the body fluids. These foods include Asparagus, artichoke, parsley, melon and even some amounts of tea, coke and coffee.

Pros and cons of the Detox diet

The detox diet helps a person get rid of the accumulated toxins off the body. But it being a low-calorie diet it also helps in quick weight loss. As it propagates the consumption of raw foods, you can easily skip harmful food types such as soluble sugars, harmful fats and more. It also provides you with the essential nutrients including vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. Different diet plans offer different benefits.

But contrary to the belief, the diet is not a very healthy one as it force starves a person of nutrients and thus there are many complaints that the detox diet results in nutritional deficiencies. For instance, in a liquid detox diet the body loses weight due to loss in muscle mass and not as believed to be the fat. Body gets energy from fat and protein reserves of the body. Starvation, which is the part of this diet, can result in decline in metabolism.

Detox diet expectations, warnings and tips

The Detox Diets are the good way to kickstart much desired weight loss. Additionally, you have talk to your nutritionist before choosing on a detox diet that suits you. After the completion of diet plan, you need to follow a balanced diet and exercise regime to maintain that weight loss