Great majority of people often give up on their diet program as they cannot control their hunger and cravings. What about a diet that can treat you with cookies and keeps you feel full at the same time? It might seem crazy, but, cookie diet is an interesting diet plan which draws dieters into an easy weight loss program.

Since 1975, more than half a million people world over are benefited by Dr. Seigal’s Cookie Diet. This diet plan revolves around eating 6 specially designed cookies throughout the day besides one low-calorie meal. However, these cookies are not as sweet as the ordinary home-made cookies but rather made to keep your hunger pangs at bay and aimed to keep you feel full.

How does the Cookie diet work?

The cookie diet recommends eating cookies which contains nutritious ingredients such as amino acids (breakdown parts of protein) and fibers which actually help suppress a person’s appetite.

The cookie diet has become successful because people contemplating on weight loss are allowed to eat a diet that too by providing them with a healthy snack alternative. It results in extremely low calories; as much as less than 1000 calories a day. It helps the dieters to create a huge calorie deficit in which eventually results in meeting their weight loss goals.

The secret of this diet lies in the appetite-suppressing cookies. These cookies contain an amino-acid mixture which includes a number of protein building substances. Proteins have greater hunger-suppressing capacity as compared to any other part of a meal.

According to Dr. Seigal, if you can control your hunger, you can easily follow a diet plan. Each of these cookies contains just about 90 calories and ingredients like wheat, bran, oats which have pretty low glycaemic index values that also can reduce insulin resistance in a person. Besides the cookies also nutrients sufficient for a person for one day; taking 6 cookies during the day and have a good meal at night to keep fight the stubborn fat.

Foods to eat and not to eat in the Cookie diet

The Cookie Diet Plan offers no choice about what to eat or not to eat. You have to eat what is proposed by this diet plan. Dieters are advised to eat 6 cookies in a day and one meal containing one cup of non-starchy green vegetables and six ounces of lean meat, fish or turkey preferably at night. However, the dieters need to stick tot the 6 cookies-a-day regimen without fail. Although these cookies are not very delicious, there is a choice of flavors namely oatmeal Raisin, Chocolate, Coconut,Banana and Blueberry.

Pros and cons of the cookie diet

This is a wonderful diet plan as it helps control hunger by feeding the dieters with sweet cookies; definitely sounds a good one for all those people who have craving for sweets. It helps control portions and calories and thereby results in rapid weight loss.

The advocators of the cookie diet say that following this diet regimen can help a person lose about 40 pounds in 30 days’ time. So anyone looking for some quick weight loss solution can definitely embrace the cookie diet program.

But this is an extremely low-calorie diet, and might induce nutritional deficiencies in a dieter, so it should be followed under strict medical supervision. These low-calorie levels are definitely not recommended for effective and safe weight loss regimen. As there is no fresh food type except a cup of vegetables per day, and the dieters do not get enough nutrition from the same. The cookie diet also lacks protective nutrients found in fresh foods. As there is no variety, slowly boredom also creeps into the routine and a dieter might even give up on the diet plan. Besides, there is no exercise plan in the regime so once you stop the diet and start your normal diet it is likely that you regain weight.

Warnings and side effects of the Cookie diet

According to Dr. Seigal, you should start this diet plan only after the consulting a doctor and under medical supervision.

Expectations, advice and tips for those who follow the cookie diet

The cookies are available in a box of 42 in 7 bags, one bag of 6 for each day of the week. Following this diet, you can expect to lose weight up to 15 pounds in a month. The followers of this diet plan say that first few weeks are hardest. But once you get used to this diet and start noticing positive results like controlled hunger, loss in weight, increased energy, you will feel motivated. Once you reach your targeted weight loss following this diet, you can increase a number of calories in evening meal. However, keep eating cookies as before.