Cabbage soup diet is basically a fad diet. The main objective of the diet is to help you lose weight. This is an extremely low-calorie diet and can help you lose as much as ten pounds of your weight in just one week. However, the diet is recommended for short term purposes only as this can do more harm than good to your body.

Originally, the cabbage soup diet plan was designed for the surgery patients to help them reduce weight. Various cabbage soupd diet plans recommend eating large quantity of cabbage soup but very little of other things. It involves eating homemade cabbage soup for seven consecutive days.

How does the Cabbage Soup Diet plan works?

As cabbage soup diet plan is a low-calorie diet, it principally recommends the dieters to eat low calories to the extent that actually the diet trims the calorie intake to nearly starvation level.

The target of this diet is to create a calorie deficit in your body. It eventually results ind weight loss. However, this weight loss is not due to burning of the fat reserves per se but due to the loss of water and also some amount of muscle tissue.

Some claim about this cabbage soup diet plan as one equipped by fat burning capacity. The advocates of this diet plan say that if you want to lose weight for a specific event, quickly, then following this diet religiously for a week can help you lose weight in a dramatic fashion. However the ingredients should be same as instructed in the diet plan.

Foods to eat or not to eat when on Cabbage Soup Diet

Those who aspire to lose weight are recommended to eat as much cabbage soup as they wanted to fill up their tummies. In addition to the cabbage soup, there are some other foods that are also advised in the diet. These foods are to be consumed on each day according to the diet menu plan. They can drink only plain water and unsweetened fruit juices on the days the fruit is allowed.

There are several recipes for the cabbage soup diet. However all of them are based upon cabbage, onions, tinned tomatoes, celery, green pepper, carrots, mushrooms and onion soup mix. All the vegetables are simmered according to the desired quantity of the soup along with seasoning. There is also no limitation to the quantity of soup that can be consumed and a dieter can take as much as he likes for about 7 days.

Pro and cons of the Cabbage Soup diet

The cabbage soup diet helps you achieve most desired objective of weight loss. It stimulates the instant weight loss in your body. You can quickly lose weight within a week. Dieters feel full with the “eat all you want cabbage soup diet plan”.

The biggest challenge is to follow this diet. It is extremely low in calories. It often leads to starvation. It involves frequent visits to markets to buy fruits and vegetables supplies for a week diet plan. It requires special cooking for you. It is recommended to eat separately from other family members who are not following this diet plan to control your cravings. This diet plan is not very recommended as this does not promote any exercise plan. This diet can be a bit boring and monotonous as it requires eating only cabbage soup. In addition, this is an unhealthy diet as it does not involve eating balanced food. Dieters complain of gaining weight as soon as they stop the diet.

Warnings and side effects of the Cabbage Soup Diet

Cabbage Soup diet plan leads to starvation and low energy level. It may cause some side effects which include but not limited to feeling weak and dizzy. There are complaints of people feeling light headed as well as difficulty with concentrating. There are a few who came up with complaint of gastric cramping diarrhea and gas.

Expectation, advice, tips and other important detail of the Cabbage Soup diet

The Cabbage Soup diet is a fad diet or crash diet. This is more like a liquid diet which leads to water weight loss due to water weight loss only. Once this diet stops and you again switch to your previous eating habits, you will again put on the weight. The cabbage soup diet is also not for those with gastric irritation and similar problems. To maintain the weight loss you achieved during this diet, it is recommended eating low calorie food along with appropriate exercise in routine.