This is a diet plan introduced by a naturopath, D’Adamo in his book “Eat Right 4 Your Type”. Blood Type diet is a nutrition plan which is based upon your blood type. This diet tells about the kind of food you should include in your diet according to your blood type. The diet also tells about the foods which you should avoid. Sounds interesting? It does.

According to D’Adamo, the blood type diet not only helps you achieve over all health but also helps you weight manage.

How does the Blood Type diet work?

According to D’Adamo, the proper functioning of the digestive system is affected by your blood type. If one food type is good for one person it may be dangerous for others, all just because of blood type compatibility with foods.

Furthermore, according to the diet it is some components present in foods such as lectins react with blood types resulting even abnormal cell proliferation, insulin tolerance issues, digestive complaints, heart diseases and a distorted immune system.

According to this diet plan, the blood type determines the amount of calories you burn, what kind of food you should eat and what type of exercises are good for you. This diet plan is based upon the principle that your blood type regulates the internal chemistry in the body and the process and manner of absorption of nutrients within your body. Additionally, according to this diet plan, it is the blood type which determines the level of acidity in the stomach as well as the digestive enzymes.

The blood type diet; however, does not involve the count of calories or fat grams like other diet programs do. Instead it provides a detailed list of foods which you should eat and you should not eat according to your blood type. Apart from eating plan, the blood type diet also mentions about the exercises, stress and supplements.

Foods to eat and not to eat in the blood type diet

For people with blood type O (about 46% of the total population), a high-protein diet is recommended. They should include diet with low carbs, vegetables and fruits. They are also advised to avoid grains such as wheat, corn and any of the dairy products. They are also advised on going for heavy physical exercise.

People with blood type A (about 39% of population comprise this group) are advised to focus on a complete vegetarian diet including high carbs and low fats. They are recommended to eat more of fruits and vegetables while avoiding animal fat, meat and dairy products. For them, light exercises such as yoga and meditation are recommended. Dr. D’Adamo recommends that this blood type people should go on a strict vegetarian diet.

About 11% of the population fall under blood type B and these people can have most varied and enriched diet including fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy products, etc. But it is recommended that they avoid eating chicken and also perform exercises such as swimming or walking.

However people with blood type AB will have the best immune system according to the advocates of the blood type diet. They can have limitations and advantages of both types A and B.

Pros and Cons of the Blood Type diet

The blood type diet is not only for the people who want to lose weight. Instead this diet boosts energy level, mood and over all health of the body so can be recommended for many.

As the idea of the diet is “you are what you eat,” the advocate of the diet Dr. D’Adamo believes following a definite eating plan which is designed for your blood type can actually help you lose weight, improve functioning of digestive system, overcome stress, enhance mental alertness and shoot up energy levels.

The diet also helps in healing chronic ailments. As this is not a restrictive diet, people can include it into their lifestyle easily. This is a healthy diet plan because it advises to eat natural and healthy foods. There are no drugs, medicine, starvation or surgery required in this diet plan.

Although this is a popular diet plan, there still exists no scientific base to support the theory behind this. There is also little knowledge about the physiological effects of lectins in humans. Dr. D’Adamo’s theory about lectins is not accepted by several nutritionists across the world. There are no clear indications of diet for the people of blood type ABO.

Warnings and side effects of the Blood Type diet

The best part of the diet is that there are hardly any side effects from following the diet; however, some people indicate the risk of health disease in case of diet followed by blood type O.