Celebrity trainer Jorge Cruise, who is well known for his 8-minute workouts and 3-hour diet, wrote yet another diet book targeting belly fat. In his latest book, “The Belly Fat Cure,” Cruise states that sugar is the main culprit in excess belly fat. His premise is based on early man’s sugar consumption which wasn’t much at all resulting in fewer incidents of diseases like diabetes and obesity.

Weight loss “has nothing to do with calorie counting, eating less or exercising more,” according to Cruise. Diets high in sugar increase insulin levels which then increase fat cells. He also states that sugar leads to wrinkles decreases energy levels, and causes cellular inflammation.

He claims you can lose 4 to 9 pounds of belly fat each week without calorie counting or exercising.  Eat whatever you want as long as you minimize sugar intake and processed carbohydrates by utilizing his approach of “carb swapping.”

Review of The Belly Fat Diet

How Do I Follow It?

In order to develop his “carb swap” approach, Cruise created S/C values for a variety of foods. The “S” stands for how many grams of Sugar are in the food item. The “C” stands for how many fiber-rich Carbohydrate servings (5 to 20 grams per serving) are in the food. Your total daily amount is 15/6 or 15 grams of sugar in your 6 carbohydrate meals per day (about 120 grams). For example: A McDonald’s Egg McMuffin would have an S/C value of 3/2 or 3 grams of sugar and accounts for 2 out of the 6 carbohydrate servings you can have per day.

Foods that are off-limits include most fruits (except for blackberries and blueberries), molasses, honey, cane sugar, corn sugar, cocktails, juice, skim milk and candy. All these items are considered “belly bad” foods. Beer, wine and dark chocolate are allowed. Some artificial sweeteners are preferred over others like Truvia or XyloSweet instead of Equal or Splenda.

Here is a typical day menu:

  • Breakfast: Sweet Surprise Pancakes
  • Snack: Celery with Cream Cheese
  • Lunch: Very Veggie Pizza
  • Snack: 6 Brazil Nuts
  • Dinner: Delightful Penne Pasta

The book offers over 100 recipes including:

  • Superb Greek Pizza
  • Super Tangy Chicken Wrap
  • Extraordinary Mac ‘n Cheese
  • Tuscan Basil Penne
  • Indulgent Cream Cheese Toast
  • Outrageous Chocolate Brownie
  • Go Nutty Shake
  • South of the Border Burrito

Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water per day. After you have reached your goal weight you can increase your fruit consumption to 2 servings per day, but still stay clear of processed carbohydrates and limit your sugar intake.

Exercise is encouraged but optional. Cruise suggests that you do his morning 8-minute abdominal routine. Perform each exercise for 30 seconds followed by a 30 second rest period and complete 2 sets of his exercises. Walking is recommended with daily 20-minute power walks.


The book shows many weight loss success stories to get you motivated. Over 100 “Belly Bad” meals are displayed in the book along with “Belly Good” meals as replacements. Over 600 carb swap grocery products are in the book along with over 800 everyday food items with their s/c values. Lastly, Cruise recommends a strong support system.


Cruise does not have a firm understanding of the studies he referenced in his book and his advice is not supported by most scientific research or the U.S. government’s 2005 Dietary Guidelines. No nutritional information is given for the recipes in the book.

Does “The Belly Fat Cure Diet” Work?

Limiting sugar intake is a good thing for everybody including diabetics. Instead of nixing fruit, watch the simple sugars from cookies, ice cream, candy, and cakes. Read food labels for any hidden sugars in processed foods.

Where To Buy “The Belly Fat Cure Diet”?

You can purchase a copy of The Belly Fat Cure diet on Jorge Cruise’s website, however you can go to Amazon and get your copy today!
You can even purchase electronic versions of The Belly Fat Cure Diet for your tablet device.