When it comes to weight loss many people cease eating and start drinking fluids. There is no denying to the fact that water helps you flush off the toxins from the body. So is the same with those who choose to get away the excess body mass by embracing a protein diet. But remember, with diet having no carbohydrates and other essential nutrients can a protein diet alone realize your weight loss goals?

Besides this dieting badly results in shedding muscle but not fat. The protein from the muscles is lost and you look dried up but never prim proper in shape.

It is in this context we shall talk about a diet born in the hands of a Japanese pharmacist called Banana diet. The dieters are asked to eat as many bananas to shed weight/fat.

What is so bananas about this fruit diet? Does it help you shed you stubborn fat instead of trimming muscle mass?

While many regard eating banana always helped to increase fat, they simply do not know that trim and slim models embraced banana diet to help them look so. Simply because the fruit does not contain many calories but it does contain sufficient nutrients for a dieter. The fruit is rich in potassium and iron, some carbs and protein and vitamins B and C.

To be precise if you want to follow the banana diet, make sure you know that a banana contains about 25% of starch giving you about a 100 calories of energy, so taking 2 as meal with a combination of milk makes it a balanced one as milk is a protein formula rich in calcium and banana substitutes for the rest of the nutrients.

How does the Banana diet work?

The banana diet actually is a huge success across Japan and it soon spread to the west where the people have slightly changed the diet plan to suit their eating and living.

But the fact remains same; eat it for breakfast in the morning. It suits people who are picky with diet regimens and for those who have gotten their overweight and obesity under a little control. It is here that the diet will structure their regimen and helps reduce the pounds.

The followers of the banana diet ask the dieters to give weight loss a couple of weeks. Should the diet does not work on you; there is always another choice you probably can switch over to.

Additionally, as the banana diet does not involve taking any drugs, there is absolutely no worry with regard to side effects. All you are doing is taking a fruit religiously everyday that is nutritive. The fiber-rich fruit silently fixes your otherwise gastric conditions including mild ulcers. Besides, the dieters are not forced to undergo severe diet restrictions and there is no limitations on the dieters as such. Sounds good isn’t it?

Foods to eat and not to eat in the Banana diet

The rules that follow the banana diet are pretty much simple. Foremost being, eat banana/s. If you can eat more than one banana, it is better for you and the person who invented the diet actually ate about 4 in the morning. However, it depends on individual’s ability to tolerate it. While a person can take 4 without much discomfort another diet might feel like puking after eating 3. Eat to the comfort level that you don’t feel full or overstuffed.

Eat the raw bananas and never cook or process it. You may want to add other fruits too and you can substitute the quantity depending on type of the fruit/s.

In case you feel like having other food after eating banana you can still take some light-carb foods such as an oat meal or a light cereal with milk. The only restriction being, eat dinner before 8 pm and eat fruits kept at room temperature. The dieters should also cut down on sweets and desserts when on the banana diet.

Pros and cons of the Banana diet

Banana diet is no supplement so there is no extra expense on the part of the diet. All he/she may have to do is to consume more fruits. There are also no reported side effects with bananas.

While there is success with weight loss in those who embraced the banana diet, it is unclear as to how the diet worked to reduce the fats. There is also no scientific explanation to this diet. Maybe the only explanation is that the high-potassium in the fruit eases the stomach.

While bananas aren’t disputed as healthy food the diet per se is regarded as a fad

Warning and side effects of the Banana diet

Bananas are heavy suppliers of potassium. Should you not take potassium, then the banana diet is not for you, because high potassium concentration in the blood could lead to arrhythmia and other rhythm-related problems of the heart. Also if you have a reported kidney condition you should consult your physician before taking this as a diet. Keep informed about your body and the diet that suits your body.