Losing weight and finding the right weight loss plan can be difficult. You know what you need to do—cut your calories and be more physically active—but for most of us it isn’t as simple as that. Then along comes weight loss pills promising to help you do in a capsule, what you couldn’t do on your own. Sounds like a dream come true, then you do a little research.

Apidexin fat burning pill

Apidexin is one of these weight loss pills. The manufacturers claim that this is the strongest fat burner on the market aimed at both men and women. They advertise that you can lose up to 7 pounds in one week, which is the first claim that should make you wonder if this is a safe product.

There are ingredients found in this fat burner that have been shown to aid weight loss, but the question is does Apidexin contain those ingredients in the right quantities? Two of the main ingredients in this product is caffeine and African mango. While caffeine can give you more energy, it can also give you headaches, nausea and anxiety. And African mango works, but there are many products passing themselves off as African mango but are not.

How Do I Follow It?

Losing weight with Apidexin requires slightly more work than simply improving your diet and lifestyle. First there is the pill regimen, which consists of taking 2 pills each day, 30 minutes before breakfast and again 30 minutes before lunch.

In addition to your pill regimen it is highly recommended by the manufacturers that you begin a regular fitness regimen. Although no plan is specified, your best bet for fat loss and toning away the flab is aerobic and resistance exercises.

You are also encouraged to follow a healthy eating plan while taking the capsules. A healthy eating plan should consist of a well balanced diet that includes fruits & vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and low fat dairy products. This eating plan should also be calorie controlled.


  • Pills are widely available without a prescription
  • The ingredients have been proven to work for weight loss
  • Money back guarantee
  • Customer testimonials available on website
  • Vegetarian friendly
  • Criticism
  • The studies listed on the website don’t tell you the dosages taken
  • Expensive for 1 month supply
  • Not suitable for dieters with a caffeine sensitivity
  • Losing 7 lbs. in one week is not healthy weight loss

Does “Apidexin” Work?

Although the ingredients found in Apidexin have been shown successful for weight loss, the clinical studies listed on the product website don’t mention how much of each ingredient was consumed to derive the weight loss results touted. This is an important distinction to make because this factor alone will determine the effectiveness of this product to help you lose weight.

With that being said, the fact that you are highly encouraged to take up regular physical activity and a well balanced, calorie controlled diet means that you will lose weight—with or without the pills.

If you feel that the pills will give you a fat burning edge, consider taking up a healthy diet and an active lifestyle so that you will be able to maintain your weight loss once you’ve reached your fat loss goals.

Where To Buy “Apidexin”?

If Apidexin seems like the type of fat burning pill you need to get started on the right track, then you should order your bottle today to get started immediately. This product is widely available wherever you buy diet pills, but some websites charge a steep price for these pills. Save money today when you BUY APIDEXIN TODAY!