Acid reflux is a common problem prevalent in all societies across the world. Yet, most of the sufferers do not know about the right acid reflux diet for them. Isn’t it so important to start having the right diet besides some lifestyle adaptations? It also pays to have good understanding of the foods which cause acid reflux in the first place.

Acid reflux is a chronic condition which is known as GERD or gastro esophageal reflux disease. In this condition, the acid contents from the stomach go back to the esophagus. Should you ignore the condition and let it aggravate, it can damage esophagus and may even call for a surgery called gastric bypass. There is acid reflux diet for the rescue of people suffering from this condition and it has been gaining popularity from all over as one that doesn’t show side effects unlike  acid reflux medications.

How does an Acid Reflux diet work?

An acid reflux diet is the one which avoids the foods that causes heartburn or the acid reflux condition. These are the foods which not only trigger the acid reflux but also worsen them.

An acid reflux diet completely controls the symptoms in mild cases of the acid reflux. And even in the severe cases, it helps reduce the intensity of the reflux symptoms. Although changing your eating habits and usual diet is not as easy as said, it will help a lot with your acid reflux problem. It also helps in the weight loss which is the only side effect and a desirable one so to help you lead a healthy and fit life.

One of the most important features about the acid reflux diet is that you need to understand the management of your eating habits and conditions. If you get an acid reflux with a particular food, simply avoid it. You need to monitor foods which trigger or aggravate this condition.

Foods to eat and not to eat in the Acid Reflux diet

You can easily follow your acid reflux diet with foods available in your kitchen as there is no need to buy any special food types or supplements. There is no particular category of foods which can be recommended as a part of acid reflux diet. People on acid reflux diet can savor nutritious and delicious meals with exception of those which trigger their acid reflux condition.

Among the fruits, apple and Banana are fine, but papaya and pineapple are safe bet as they have the ability to neutralize the acid content in the stomach. However, fruits including grapes, berries and peach can be included in your diet with some discretion. It is always better to avoid acidic fruits such as grapefruit, lemon and oranges. Tomato is one of the most irritating fruits for stomach and its advised to stay off of it.

Among vegetables, carrots, peas, broccoli and green beans are safe. Garlic and onion can be eaten with discretion if symptoms are mild. It is good to avoid foods like potato salad, mashed potatoes and French fries when you are suffering from the acid reflux.

All the products made from grains like bread, cereals, crackers, rice are safe in this condition as they neutralize the acid in stomach.

Pros and cons of the acid reflux diet

The acid reflux diet is not a particular diet program and is easy to follow. It can help you manage the symptoms of acid reflux disease. You need not buy any special food or kitchen equipments to prepare your diet. It makes your life healthier and helps in  weight loss. From your unhealthy eating habits, you switch to healthier eating lifelong.


With that being said, a particular kind of acid reflux diet or particular types of foods may not help with everyone’s condition suffering from acid reflux. You need to know your condition and chose the foods in the acid reflux diet to help with your symptoms

Warnings and side effects

It is always recommended to the heartburn sufferers to avoid eating spicy, fatty and fried foods as these foods ruin the stomach lining and further worsen the condition. Alcohol abstinence is also recommended for people with acid reflux.

Expectations and tips

It is advisable to eat food at smaller intervals rather than eating three large meals. It does not make your stomach overloaded and smaller quantity of acid is released to digest the food. After each meal, stay upright for at least 45 minutes. After dinner, go to bed only after two hours.