Acai Berry is a largely grown plant in Amazon rainforest area, the berry is a product of a palm tree and has been widely used by people of Brazil for varied benefits it offers. However it was Dr. Perricone who first spoke about the importance of the Acai berry in weight reduction and its antioxidant properties in the Oprah Winfrey show, and no wonder the berry shot to fame instantly. The usage of Acai berry in diet plans has become very popular ever since.

Acai berry is known to have great antioxidant properties as compared to any other food, which makes the berry a favorite dietary plan and one that is embraced by many nutritionists and weight loss experts. The fruit of acai is a berry and the berries grow atop the lush green palm trees. The berry is small and oval, and violet colored rich in antioxidants. Acai berry diet is a diet supplement used by many to meet weight loss goals safely and effectively.

How does the Acai Berry diet work?

As a matter of fact, Acai berry diet is not a diet plan by itself but it is generally used as a supplement in weight loss programs offered by many. For instance, it is used as a supplement in a colon cleansing diet where as a nutritional supplement it also helps vastly in the weight reduction. The advocates of the Acai berry diet say that it contains important fatty acids, amino acids and phytosterols that work together and improve metabolism, digestion and suppress your appetite. Acai berry supplement is available in different forms such as capsules, powder, juice or puree, which you can include as a diet supplement in your weight loss program.

Acai berries are rich in antioxidants and they boost your overall  health and specially aids in losing weight. It also benefits in improving your body’s immunity, detoxification, improves cardiovascular activity and vision, helps insomniacs and slows down the aging prolcess.

Foods to eat and not to eat in the Acai berry diet

When you plan to include the Acai berry in your weight loss program, remember that you cannot afford to just eat the berries, because, you also need to include other fruits and vegetables that consists of antioxidants and other nutrients that do good to your body. Generally, in any weight loss diet/plan calorie-rich food should definitely be avoided to get positive results from the diet you are following. The same applies if you are planning to include the Acai berry in your diet plan.

Pros and cons of the Acai berry diet

The most important advantage of Acai berry diet is that there are a few scientific studies that support the health benefits obtained from the berries. Antioxidant rich Acai berry are is highly beneficial in preventing cardiovascular diseases, aging and cancer. The antioxidant properties in Acai berry are greatly useful for people who are physically active, as their bodies will have the potential to equalize the free radicals that activate during exercise. There are reviews where in people have reported of rise in energy level and also that their appetite has reduced due to the use of Acai berry.

The use of Acai Berry in various formulations such as pills, capsules, juice, etc., can really be an expensive affair. Besides the diet plan does not actually motivate dieters to alter their lifestyles which is very important to have long-lasting weight loss effects. The basic idea of Acai beery diet largely supports the idea of quick fix method for reducing the weight, which makes it thumbs down plan.

Acai berry diet side effects and warnings

  • The claim that Acai Berry is highly beneficial for reducing weight is not scientifically well substantiated.
  • There are many reports that most of the websites that sell Acai Berry products are of rip off quality and that these websites offering ‘free trials’ of their products actually don’t offer for free but bill their clients for their false offers.
  • One needs to include other essential foods consisting of vital nutrients that are required by the body in their diet plan. Sticking extensively to just Acai berry alone will obviously give rise to various health complications.

Expectations and tips

If you choose to try the Acai berry supplements make sure you go for the quality products available from reliable sources. Acai berry may help you lead a healthy life but it is not the only supplement that helps you reduce your weight. For effective results stay fit and active by following a few hours of exercise every week. The diet is also a strict no-no for diabetics and pregnant and breast-feeding women.