Having a perfect body is a dream for most of the people. People with extra pounds are always in search of proven methods that help lose the extra kilos.

Following a dieting plan has become the most popular way to lose weight in a specific time period. However, it becomes difficult for people to find the best way to diet. They are unaware as to the type of foods healthy that will be healthy for them.

7 day diet is a diet plan popular among the dieters for the reason that it shows quick results. It takes just 7 days to help anyone lose a bit of excess weight. The diet plan has been doing rounds for several years in different forms.

How does the 7 day diet work?

It is easy to understand the principle of the 7 day diet. It is basically a “Crash Diet”, as it is based upon the drastic decrease in calorie consumption. It creates a quick calorie deficit which results in quick weight loss. When on this diet plan, you need to follow a low-calorie diet for about a week’s time.

The 7 day diet plan directs dieters to eat a specific food group every day. The diet plan of the entire week includes the choices of food for carbohydrates, high protein, fiber, minimal fat, essential vitamins and minerals. All the food included in this diet has low Glycemic index implying they convert sugar in your blood at a lower rate than the usual.

The 7 day diet recommends that each food type is to be consumed on different day. It allows the body to use the fat reserves and also flush out the impurities. The food types prescribed in this plan help burn more calories in the body than they actually provide. Besides eating all these food types, you must drink about 8-10 glasses of water on a daily basis.

7 Day Diet – Foods to eat and foods not to eat

During 7 day diet pan, you can eat different types of foods within the food categories prescribed. These foods may include different fruits like Banana, apples, different vegetables, tomatoes, potatoes, milk and rice.

You can have a diet plan:

  • On Monday you can have all the fruits except the bananas.
  • On Tuesday, eat any vegetable and vegetable soups alone.
  • On Wednesday you can have combination servings of fruits and vegetables except the bananas.
  • On Thursday, you will have only bananas and milk but in exact portions. You should have 5 to 8 bananas and 4 to 5 glasses of milk.
  • On the other three days of the week, you can have servings of chicken and fish and green vegetables.

This will make up the 7 days of the plan. The program also recommends you to consume large quantities of water.

Pros and cons of the 7-day diet

The 7 day diet has its own benefits like quick weight loss, detoxification of the body, lower cholesterol, eating healthier foods high in vitamins and minerals. It helps in boosting self esteem, low pressure on joints; helps control high blood pressure and blood sugar. Furthermore, there is no investment from your part other than the food. You don’t have to pop up any drugs and so there is no question of harmful side effects. Since you take different foods on each day, there is also no boredom in the diet plan. So, you will not actually want to skip it.

The 7 day diet plan is low-calorie crash diet program. Although this diet helps you lose weight quickly, you will gain weight should you resume your normal diet and not make any efforts to maintain the lost weight. Additionally, the 7 day diet is nutritionally unbalanced and so can cause nausea or dizziness in the dieters.

Warnings and side effects of the 7 day diet

The 7 day diet is a crash diet and you need to cut your calorie consumption. Furthermore losing pounds is not about any diet, it is about how you make lasting lifestyle changes. Any diet will come to an end at some point, wherein you again go to same old eating this and that junk to put on weight again. But if you can make a change in the lifestyle which actually is change in your mindset, the results of weight loss will be permanent. This holds good for the 7 day diet too.

The 7 day diet is not recommended for pregnant women, children or people with disorders like diabetes. This is an unbalanced diet and can result in critical nutritional imbalance. It is not advisable to follow this 7 day diet plan repetitively.