For a dieter who is trying to lose his body mass, type of diet he should follow happens to be the biggest challenge. People often get tired or bored by the monotonous or strict diet regimens they will be asked to follow indefinitely in the pursuit of losing extra pounds. Inspired by this challenge, Dr. Ian Smith has devised a diet plan which is known as 4 day diet.

Hold on! You are not going to lose your weight in just 4 days as might be suggested by the name; rather it is a structured diet program which focuses on weight loss by introducing certain modules. With this diet plan, Dr. Smith has tried to help dieters who stay focused without getting bored or without giving up after failing.

How does a 4 Day diet work?

The 4 day diet is comprised of seven separate modules or phases, which actually lasts 4 days each (now this is probably the reason why Ian Smith named it the 4 day diet).

According to the program creator, Dr. Smith, you can easily focus on your eating for next four days rather than eating for next several weeks.

It should be noted here that often eating the same food as a part of a certain diet plan distracts the people from following it for long. This is not the case with this diet. Bringing variety in the food is another interesting motive of the 4 day diet plan. It also helps your body maintain the metabolism as it does not get time to adapt to a certain kind of a diet.

Seven dieting modules recommended in the 4 day diet program include:

Induction (cleansing/detoxification): This phase intends to eliminate toxins. Dieting people can take fruits, leafy and starch-free vegetables, brown rice, beans, fat-skimmed yogurt and/or milk. In this phase meats, fish and poultry, aren’t allowed. Weight loss efforts work well when the body is detoxed, according to Ian Smith.

Transition (to reintroduce all food groups): A new way of eating is what will be introduced here in this phase. Fiber-rich foods and unprocessed food can be taken up to 1,300 calories per day

Protein Stretch (to prevent weight loss plateauing): Taking lean meats, adding fish and fat-free milk and eggs to the diet is what is recommended at this phase.

Smooth (just enjoy your food cravings): By this phase, weight loss kind of eating must have become a habit and so this phase gives you a lenience to eat anything you crave with some moderation; be it your fave brand pizza or that steak you always loved.

Push (resuming again strict eating plan): You have had satiated the cravings so this phase again pushes you to restricted eating.

Pace (a comfortable module to give a break): This phase gives some liberty to add some foods as in adding pancakes or soup or a few ounces of fish.

Vigorous (the last module that gives a finishing touch to those last few pounds): This is the last phase and as it suggests it kind of will be strict diet menus to shed the final pounds.

The 4 day diet program is very flexible. Though this complete program is meant for 28 days, dieters can customize it with their choice. They can start with first two modules and can follow other five in any order they like. Apart from this, Dr. Smith also stresses on the psychological factors also. According to him, goal setting, visualization and avoiding temptation are very important to lose weight.

Foods to eat or not to eat in the 4 Day diet

The 4 day diet offers variety of food types. The meal plans differ significantly in different phases. You can look forward to eat several types of foods including low-fat dairy, fruits, vegetable, whole grains, lean proteins, beans, nuts, avocados, legumes, low-calorie salad dressing, coffee, beans and unlimited plain water.

Pros and Cons of the 4 Day diet

Like every other diet plan, the 4 day diet also offers its own pros and cons. The 4 day diet program is a unique diet plan. It takes cares of issues like boredom, strict diet as well as inflexibility that are often associated with several of the diet plans. The plan recommends variety of foods so boredom cannot creep into the regimen. This diet plan also addresses the essential psychological factors required for weight loss and additionally you can customize the plan according to your needs. It controls your cravings as well as temptations for certain foods. Vegetarians can easily adapt this diet plan. Furthermore, you do not need to pop any diet drug.

This plan is not specific about the individual meal plan as it   recommends about the type of food you can eat in a day. It is not specific about the nutritional requirements and individual variation in calorie.

Expectation and tips

Following the diet and maintaining your willpower, you can expect to lose around 10-12 pounds in a span of 4 weeks. Exercising is an important part of the 4 day diet. You can break exercise into several short periods should your fitness level doesn’t permit a long strenuous exercise.